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Our founder, Don Guillermo Peters Schuster is documented in Costa Rican history as "The Father of Coffee" and began his career in coffee in the late 1800's.

We are the 4th generation in this historic Costa Rican gourmet coffee family and continue the tradition of excellence and quality for which our family owned and managed plantation has been recognized for over 100 years.

Our family has specialized in all things related to coffee, combining decades of experience and know how with innovation and ingenuity.  We strive to ensure that coffee and nature are in perfect balance.  Our coffees are shade grown & Rainforest Alliance certified.  More than one fourth of our 766 hectare plantation remains virgin forest.  In symbiotic relationship with the environment we prepare the byproducts of our coffee production into useful compost and organic fertilizers.

Producing award winning gourmet and specialty coffees that are in balance with nature costs more money, and takes more patience, time, energy, & passion. Most importantly... it requires vision.

A Gourmet Cup Of Coffee You Can Feel Good About Drinking!
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