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Social responsibility is the bedrock upon which we have nurtured our family owned and managed gourmet coffee estate for well over a century. As with all great things, a truly delicious cup of socially responsible gourmet coffee starts with people... people who care.

"Conservation Through Coffee" ©

Your continued support helps us preserve and restore fragile cloud and rainforest habitats for future generations to enjoy! A percentage of all proceeds from KaffeTico gourmet estate & specialty coffees is donated to the KaffeTico fund, an organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the endangered and threatened species adorning our products.

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Social Successes

Concern for the social development of our employees, their families, and the surrounding communities is deeply woven into our culture. Together with government and private organizations, members of our family have spearheaded initiatives to provide schools, medical facilities, housing projects, micro-enterprise loan programs for women, and scholarship programs.

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