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Our founder, Don Guillermo Peters Schuster, is documented in Costa Rican history as "The Father of Coffee" and began his career in coffee in the late 1800s. We are the 4th generation in this historic Costa Rican gourmet coffee family and continue the tradition of excellence and quality for which our family owned and managed plantation has been recognized for over 100 years.


"Conservation Through Coffee." ©

We continuously strive to provide the highest quality gourmet coffee products available while benefiting future generations of animals, people, and the environment!

A percentage of KaffeTico proceeds support the endangered or threatened species adorning our product brands.


Fundraising group participants secure presale orders of our gourmet estate & specialty coffees with our convenient & easy-to-use order forms. Order forms are customized with the name and logo of your organization.

Participants are asked to approach family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Additionally, an introductory letter can be sent home with members, explaining the program and proposed use of your group funds.

The Fundraising Coordinator collects forms and payments from participants and an order is placed with KaffeTico by fax or email.

Your order is roasted and delivered to the fundraising group coordinator by KaffeTico 15 to 30 days from the date of purchase. Bulk coffee shipments are then sorted and distributed by the members to their respective customers.


POPULARITY: The popularity of premium coffee products grows each and every year. With a Starbucks on every corner, consumer's tastes are continually evolving toward the quality offered through KaffeTico's premium estate coffees.

RECURRING REVENUE: People drink coffee every day of the year. Reorders can provide your organization with a perpetual source of Funds.

COMPETITIVE PRICE POINT: Supporters will appreciate a new premium product priced competitively with their normal purchasing tendencies.

GOURMET QUALITY: Supporters will purchase because they truly believe in our Gourmet Coffee products, as well as your worthy cause.

NO UPFRONT COSTS OR COMITTMENTS: We provide flexible fundraising options to suit your organizations needs and resources.

PARENTAL & FAMILY INVOLVEMENT: This low cost staple product makes parental workplace ordering easy and unobtrusive. This new and novel idea receives very little rejection.

DOUBLE THE GIVING PLEASURE: Your customers will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their purchases are supporting your organizations fundraising efforts as well as the endangered and threatened species of the tropical cloud and rainforests of Costa Rica and the fragile habitats they call home.

STRONG PARTICIPATION: Who doesn't love the rainforest and the cute little creatures that call it home? The very nature of our program increases the level of participation within your fundraising group. Selling a high-quality product, helping protect our natural resources, and raising funds for your worthwhile cause guarantees stronger participation levels.

A Gourmet Cup Of Coffee You Can Feel Good About Drinking!
Contact Us: 1-800-979-8426 ~ info@kaffetico.com