KaffeTico - Gourmet Estate & Specialty Coffees

Dear Fundraising Coordinator,

Welcome to Fundraising!

We truly appreciate your interest in our coffees and the unique mission behind them and look forward to serving you and your organization's fundraising needs.

With the exception of water, coffee is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. In fact, coffee ranks second only to oil on the world commodities market. As years pass, it is safe to say that the popularity of coffee is here to stay and consumer coffee tastes are becoming more and more sophisticated. This is why KaffeTico's Gourmet Estate coffees are the perfect fundraising consumable to help your organization meet their ongoing financial needs.

Response to our fundraising programs has been extraordinary! Offering a premium household consumable that people are already using, at a truly competitive price, is a concept seemingly new to fundraising. Supporters overwhelmingly voice an "I'll buy that" in addition to an "I'll support your group" attitude; they perceive true value in the product as well as the satisfaction of supporting your good cause.

Compelling your potential clients to purchase has never been easier or more profitable than with our Gourmet Estate & Specialty Coffees.

Our Rainforest Alliance certified and branded coffees are fun, exciting, unique, and easy to sell, while offering your supporters gourmet cup of coffee they can feel good about drinking!

Please take a few moments to browse our Gourmet Coffee Fundraising Guide to learn more about this fabulous fundraising opportunity.

A Gourmet Cup Of Coffee You Can Feel Good About Drinking!
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