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Group Fundraising

Meeting your organizations ongoing financial needs has never been easier, more profitable, or rewarding. Our Rainforest Alliance certified and branded gourmet coffees are fun, exciting, unique, and easy to sell.

Giving Back
Helping Hand

Learn more about how your purchases of KaffeTico gourmet estate & specialty coffees are making a difference. If you are a registered environmentally responsible organization within Costa Rica and seeking funds click the "Email Request" link below.

Canopy Clubs
Rainforest Canopy

Join the Canopy Club or the Canopy Company and receive the benefit of recurring regular shipments of our freshly roasted gourmet coffees while earning bonus beans towards free products.

Wholesale & Distribution
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Coffee shops, gourmet retailers, restaurateurs, hospitality, and distributors interested in selling and serving the finest Costa Rican coffees in the world.

A Gourmet Cup Of Coffee You Can Feel Good About Drinking!
Contact Us: 1-800-979-8426 ~ info@kaffetico.com